In a magicked-up New York, resurrected spirit guardian Iris Penner and a rebooted Wild Hunt strive to prevent the End of Days.

...Two decades after a narrowly averted apocalypse, the world is threatened by eldritch-stoked climate disasters, a breakdown in general order, and proliferating interdimensional cracks. With no better answers, everyone has retreated deep into magic, regardless of the consequences.

 Iris Penner, who died fighting the averted apocalypse, has returned to life with a mission to prevent the next world-ending event. Helping her are her two channeled spirit allies and a newly remade Wild Hunt. The only problem is that Iris is also prophesied to be the one to trigger the next apocalypse.

 Also, there's a dead, evil ex-boyfriend who just wouldn't stay dead. As if these other challenges aren't already enough.

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